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Instructing a letting agency to take care of one or more of your most prized assets is a daunting task. As a landlord you need to have complete trust in the service an agent provides and this trust is only gained through receiving excellent service from the moment you make contact with an agency.

With decades of experience in all aspects of property management our specialist team can provide solutions to individual and portfolio landlords be it a tenant find, rent collection or fully managed service.

We at Fortis Properties are proud of the fact we know each and every one of our landlords personally as understanding our landlords situation is key to ensuring their every need is met. Our portfolio of managed properties will never exceed a number whereby an intimate service cannot be provided to our landlords.

Please see below an overview of the services we provide as well, the fees associated with each service and key supporting information relating to your rental property. If you would like further information or advise relating to any of the services we offer please do not hesitate to contact us (this ‘contact us’ to take the customer to register details for a call back).

  1. Request a free rental appraisal
  2. Landlord Portal Access
  3. Tenant Find Service
  4. Rent Collection Service
  5. Full Management Service
  6. Guaranteed Rent on Time
  7. Inventories
  8. Consent to Let
  9. Utilities
  10. Overseas Landlords
  11. Tenancy Agreements
  12. Legal Support

Contact The Team

Request a free rental appraisal

We have many years experience in both the residential and commercial property market throughout South Wales and would be happy to provide you with an accurate rental valuation of your property.

We base our rental figure on factors such as current demand, future investment within the area surrounding the property, the property’s location, proximity to transport links, shops, schools, local businesses etc. An assessment of comparable properties’ rental amounts is also made but at first we prefer to assess your property as there may be options to increase rental income from the outset. We have extensive knowledge and experience in property investment and always look to maximise our landlords rental income; we do not simply let a property for market value, we will always look at alternative methods of increasing revenue generated by a property.

During the valuation our Rent Smart Wales accredited member of staff will answer any questions you may have regarding the services we offer.#


Landlord Portal Access

If you are happy with our valuation and decide to instruct us to provide a service for your property you will receive login credentials providing access to your personal landlord file located within ‘PropertyFile’ which contains live information relating to invoices received, tenancy agreements, maintenance issues reported, maintenance costs and rental income.

Our PropertyFile facility enables us to be in constant communication with you and provides complete transparency. We will always communicate via e-mail and telephone but we are aware that our landlords are busy people who require access to information relating to their properties 24 hours a day – this is where our PropertyFile is of huge benefit to our customers.

Your tenants can also report maintenance issues via PropertyFile, this enables entire processes to be handled through one system.

Access to your account can be gained by via our website home page or the ‘PropertyFile’ application installed on your mobile device or tablet.

Tenant Find Service

(90% of first months rent)

Using our tenant find service is ideal if you are an experienced landlord who has the time and knowhow to take care of the day-to-day management of a rental property but would like to ensure tenants are found for the property, lawful processes are followed and contracts are put in place.

Our tenant find service includes:

  • A rental evaluation of your property.
  • Marketing of your property on RightMove, OnTheMarket, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Vetting of prospective tenants prior to viewings taking place.
  • Accompanied viewings.
  • Full tenant referencing and credit checks; references are obtained from the tenants employer and previous landlord(s).
  • Full guarantor referencing and obtaining a guarantee (if applicable).
  • Co-ordination and finalising letting terms with reference to your specific requirement..
  • Preparation of the tenancy agreement and standing order.
  • Collection of the first month’s rent which is then transferred to your account less our tenant find fee.
  • Retention of the tenancy security deposit in our dedicated client account to be transferred to your nominated bank account.

Optional extras (please see our ‘fees’ page)

  • Independent inventory and checkout service; a detailed inventory is produced to formally assess the condition of your property as well as catalogue its contents.
  • Check-in of tenant(s) at your property.
  • Co-ordination and renewal on extension of tenancy.
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).
  • Gas Safety Certificate.
  • Court appearance fee.
  • Collection and registration of the security deposit with the ‘Deposit Protection Service’ (DPS) as required by the Housing Act 2004.

Rent Collection Service

(5% of monthly rent + VAT; in addition to the initial tenant find fee)

If you wish to manage your property on a day-to-day basis but do not want to go through the time consuming and stressful process of finding tenants and collecting rent, this service is ideal for you.

In addition to our Tenant find service our rent collection service includes:

  • Liaising with tenants to ensure rental payments are made on time. If rent is not received on time we will chase payment on your behalf.
  • Provide you with support to ensure you are meeting all legal requirements with regard to your let.
  • Monthly transfer of rental funds into your nominated bank account from our dedicated client account.
  • A detailed monthly electronic statement for your property.
  • Negotiate extensions of the tenancy upon your instruction.
  • Retention of the tenancy security deposit in our dedicated client account to be transferred to your nominated bank account

Optional extras (please see our ‘fees’ page)

  • Independent inventory and checkout service; a detailed inventory is produced to formally assess the condition of your property as well as catalogue its contents.
  • Check-in of tenant(s) at your property.
  • Co-ordination and renewal on extension of tenancy.
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).
  • Gas Safety Certificate.
  • Court appearance fee.
  • Collection and registration of the security deposit with the ‘Deposit Protection Service’ (DPS) as required by the Housing Act 2004.

Fully Managed Service

(13.8% of monthly rent; in addition to the initial tenant find fee)

If you choose to instruct us to manage your property we will, quite simply, take care of everything. Our managed service provides a completely hands off approach to property investment for our landlords as we find the right tenants for your property, collect rent on a monthly basis and deal with all aspects of property maintenance and emergencies reported by your tenant(s).

Fortis’ staff and contractors are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure your own and your tenants needs are fulfilled without delay. We understand how important an asset your property is so we strive to provide service excellence on all fronts when taking care of your property.

In addition to our Tenant find and Rent collection services our fully managed service includes:

  • Notifying utility companies and local authorities of the tenants residing at your property.
  • Providing utility companies with meter readings.
  • Co-ordination and renewal on extension of tenancy.
  • Check-in of tenant(s) on commencement of tenancy.
  • Check-out on tenancy completion.
  • Quarterly property inspections with reference to the tenancy agreement.
  • Act as a single point of contact for your tenants for all maintenance issues.
  • Obtain competitive quotations for your perusal prior to instructing contractors to carry out repairs at your property.
  • Registration of your property with Rent Smart Wales.
  • Collection and registration of the security deposit with the ‘Deposit Protection Service’ (DPS) as required by the Housing Act 2004.
  • Negotiating post tenancy disputes with tenants and the Deposit Protection Service on your behalf.

Optional Extras (please see our ‘fees’ page)

  • Independent inventory and checkout service; a detailed inventory is produced to formally assess the condition of your property as well as catalogue its contents.
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).
  • Gas Safety Certificate.
  • Court appearance fee.


Guaranteed Rent on Time

(13% of monthly rent +VAT; in addition to the initial tenant find fee)

** This package is inclusive of our Fully Managed Service **

This service package really does remove all risk associated with letting your property. Throughout the duration of the tenancy you will receive your rental payment each and every month on a date specified by yourself regardless of whether the tenant makes a rental payment.

All legal costs associated with evicting a tenant are included should eviction be required as a result of non payment of rent. You receive rental payments until possession of your property is gained.

NB – An inventory will have to be produced in order for Guaranteed Rent on Time to be authorised.



In order to protect your property we advise that our landlords carry out a full inventory for each separate tenancy. An inventory protects you as a landlord as it records, both in text and picture format, the property (and furniture if applicable) at the commencement of the tenancy. All parties will sign the inventory prior to the tenancy officially commencing. This document is then cross referenced at the end of the tenancy, when undertaking a check-out, to identify damages caused by the tenant.

The tenancy terms and conditions that we put in place state that the tenant is required to return the property and contents on completion of the tenancy in the same condition as when the tenancy commenced. Fair wear and tear is accepted and is discussed with the tenant on check-out.

Without an inventory from the outset of a new tenancy, it is almost impossible to ascertain if the tenant caused damage during the contracted period. A detailed inventory is crucial when requesting deposit funds are withheld post tenancy as the detailed information captured within the inventory will be reviewed by the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) to support your claim. If you choose to instruct Fortis Properties to manage your property we will liaise with the Deposit Protection Service on your behalf in order to settle any claims that should arise. Once funds have been withheld we will then, subject to your authorisation, instruct contractors to carry out the necessary repairs at your property.

Should you require an inventory, we are happy to arrange a professional inventory and check in on your behalf, the cost of which is borne by the landlord. The inventory will then be used on check-out; the tenant is responsible for paying the checkout fee (please refer to our ‘Landlord Fees’ page). Having an inventory produced by an independent third party provider allows Fortis Properties to maintain an objective stance when managing your property and dealing with any disputes throughout the tenancy and on completion.


Consent to Let

If your property is mortgaged but has not previously been used as rental accommodation we advise our landlords to contact the mortgagee to provide information for the proposed letting of the property they hold a charge over. Landlords should receive consent or advise from the mortgage provider prior to a tenancy commencing.

If the property to be let is leasehold you must request the consent of the Head Lessee of Freeholder.

Once interested parties have been informed of your intent to let your property, you should also contact your insurance provider to amend your existing insurance as failure to do so could either invalidate the insurance or result in a significant retrospective payment at a later date.

When dealing with mortgage, leaseholders and insurance companies please ensure you obtain written documentation of consents prior to letting your property.



During the tenancy, your tenants are responsible for the payment of gas, water, electricity, telephone, internet, council tax and a television license bills unless an alternative arrangement is agreed prior to the tenancy commencing.

Tenants in shared accommodation may request the aforementioned bills are included within the monthly rental amount. If such a is request is made we can advise you on this additional rental charge although we would always advise that tenants pay all bills. Council Tax payments are exempt for student tenants; we will ensure this exemption is put in place on your behalf should.

As the landlord you are responsible for the payment of ground rent and service charges if the property to be let is leasehold. If the property to be let is Freehold you must put buildings insurance in place prior to the tenancy commencing.



If you are an overseas landlord you must ensure you are fully compliant with regard to the Taxation of income from Land (non-residents) Regulations 1995. In order to maintain compliance as a letting agency we are required to deduct an amount equivalent to Basic Rate Tax from your rental income (post agency fee deduction) which is then paid to the Inland Revenue each quarter.

The above process can be avoided should you, as an overseas landlord, apply to the Inland Revenue for exemption from this requirement. Once your exemption application has been made, the Inland Revenue will review your tax history as well as historical compliance. Should the Inland Revenue find you to be tax compliant, you will be issued with a certificate which you can then forward to Fortis Properties – this certificate provides authorisation for us to pay you in full with no tax deducted.

If you are an overseas landlord and wish to discuss this process in greater detail please do not hesitate in contacting us. The first step of the process is for you to submit an NRL1 form; we are able to provide you with this document.

** Staff at Fortis Properties are not qualified or certified to offer financial and tax advise but can provide recommendations should you wish to speak to an accountant or professional tax advisor **


Tenancy Agreements

There are various tenancies which can be implemented but most tenancies put in place are classed as Assured Shorthold Tenancies (AST’S). Tenancy agreements which are drawn up and compliant with the Housing Act 1998 (amended in 1996) provide landlords with more rights to possession than tenancies which commenced prior to the Act.

Typical Assured Shorthold Tenancies are agreed for twelve month periods although there is no minimum period for an Assured Shorthold Tenancy. We would advise that an Assured Shorthold Tenancy is not agreed for a period of less than six months. Should you have a specific requirement in terms of a tenancy period please contact us as we will be able to discuss your options; for example a break clause could be agreed and defined within the Assured Shorthold Tenancy which satisfies both yourself and your prospective tenants.

Legal Support

With tenancy law now more regulated than ever before it is imperative that you protect yourself at all times and ensure you are fully compliant both as a landlord and taking care of your tenants.

The technicalities of letting property can be quite daunting as a landlord with areas such as safety regulations, licensing, tenancy agreements, possession rights, immigration and tax constantly being updated or added to the long list of criteria a landlord must be compliant with.

Life as a landlord can be quite a stressful one if you are ill advised and not supported appropriately. You can rest assured that our expert staff here at Fortis Properties will make your experience as a landlord an enjoyable one.

Establishing a great relationship with your tenant is key to success; striking the right balance between business and the human empathetic approach can be very difficult as a landlord. Establishing and managing relationships with tenants is a top priority here at Fortis Properties, ensuring tenants are supported at all times results in happy tenants which in turn means your property is taken care of and rental payments are made on time.

Not only do we adhere to all regulations and Rent Smart Wales policy, we are also members of the Property Ombudsman for both sales and lettings but even more importantly have a strong working relationship with Cardiff Council’s housing team which enables us to remain compliant at all times and allows us to share best practices with regulatory bodies.

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What Our Clients Say

From the very start of our selling experience with Fortis, Heather and the team were extremely efficient.
Couldn’t fault any part of the process. They are a small and friendly team who were always there for any queries we had.
We were delighted with the service we received and couldn’t recommend them highly enough. A big thank you Fortis!

Alun Evans

A very professional service with experienced people who really understand the market!
I am grateful to Heather and Leanne who are good communicators, constantly keeping me in the picture. Thank you!

Julie Anscombe

I recently sold my flat with Fortis and their service has been excellent. The price compares very favorably with other estate agents but the service was first class. The photos were excellent and they were very prompt at getting it on the market. I was always kept up to date and it was great having a local office on the doorstep. I would definitely recommend them.

Louise Weinzweig

sold my house to the third person that seen it and got the asking price which is the highest price a house has sold for in my street for years, and if i needed to ask any thing they would all ways there to ask and got back to me ASAP

Andrew Knight

I have recently sold my house with Fortis and cannot fault their service. I purchased the same house from them 5 years ago, after seeing what estate agents were offering when it came to sell the house, I decided to stick with Fortis. They are friendly, unimposing, so efficient and quick! I loved how they continuously communicated with me at each step, they are so professional. When I next need an estate agent, I will be using them again without a doubt. Thank you Fortis!

Louise Annetts

We’re still here to assist you!

I just wanted to reach out to you all to let you know what we are doing at Fortis Properties in light of the recent announcement that a third round of lockdown restrictions across Wales will begin at midnight on Sunday 20th December 2020. In line with the regulations our high street office will close and our team will be fully operational from home.

Our team are already working remotely, booking and carrying out virtual appointments and telephone based advice. First and foremost, our concerns surrounding the safety of our customers, clients, contractors and staff are paramount, and therefore we have already put in place Covid Secure guidelines to ensure that we can still facilitate any Move Ins or Completions which are already scheduled to take place and cannot be rearranged.

Whilst there are restrictions on physical appointments for viewings and valuations our team are available to conduct virtual viewings and valuations to assist during these difficult times.

If you require any advice or assistance during the lockdown please contact us and one of the team will be on hand to provide the help and advice that you require.

We look forward to working with you and WE ARE HERE IF YOU NEED US!

In the meantime please stay safe and lets work together to get through this.

Jamie Langley, Managing Director.